Long Island Junior Soccer League


What is USYS League Championship?

USYS League Championship is a U.S. Youth Soccer sanctioned league that offers selected LIJSL member teams with an additional pathway to the USYS Eastern Regional and National Championships. League Championship is comprised of the Long Island Junior Soccer League (LIJSL), Club Champions League (CCL), Club Champions League New England, and the National Capital Soccer League (NCSL). Each of the founding member leagues have historically proven to be successful in State Cup, Regional, and National competitions.

Who is eligible to represent LIJSL in USYS League Championship?

Only LIJSL registered teams are eligible to play in League Championship.

Which age groups are eligible for USYS League Championship?

U13 to U19/20

Can teams participate in USYS League Championship while playing in another youth soccer league?

Yes. Teams can play in another platform and also take part in League Championship, however they must also play in ENY State Cup. Taems may also only play in League Championship along with ENY State Cup to qualify to play in the USYS Eastern Regionals.

How do teams apply for USYS League Championship?

Teams can apply on lijsoccer.com once the application period opens.

What is the cost of USYS League Championship?

The cost is $395 and this includes the referee assigning fees. This does not include game day referee fees, which are due at the field.

How many games will teams play in USYS League Championship?

Teams will play in up to eight (8) games before going to the League Championship playoffs.

How many teams will be in each age group?

There can be up to eight (8) teams per age group.

What other leagues are involved in League Championship?

Besides Long Island Junior Soccer League (LIJSL), League Championship includes; Club Champions League (CCL), Club Champions League New England, and National Capital Soccer League (NCSL).

If my team plays in League Championship will they be eligible to play in ENY State Cup?

Yes, League Championship is a State Cup qualifying league.

Any questions regarding USYS League Championship can be directed to: ronanw@lijsoccer.com