Long Island Junior Soccer League


The LIJSL awards scholarships annually to players in their senior year of high school that have best exemplified the character the LIJSL was founded upon. The recipients of the scholarships have also made a positive in their communities in a variety of ways. 

In 2021, over 30 scholarships were given out to exceptional college-bound boys and girls. 

Seniors can apply for scholarship’s by;

  1. Completing the Application Form  and sending remaining items either electronically or via mail (Instructions will be given upon receipt of the electronic application submission)

  2. By downloading the application and filing it electronically to LIJSL Scholarships  or forwarding via regular mail  


  1. Application
  2. Letters of recommendation, addressed to LIJSL Scholarship Committee (minimum of two [2]), one must be from a soccer coach and the second from a person who knows you well (i.e. teacher, school administrator, employer, community service director, religious leader).
  3. Current transcript and a copy of SAT/ACT scores
  4. Brief resume including description of community service and volunteer work.
  5. Include a soccer resume, outlining your LIJSL participation, tournament participation, high school participation and any awards received for soccer and the coaches and clubs for whom you have played.
  6. Essay of 250 to 500 words on the following subject: LIJSL’s motto is “Building Character Through Soccer”. The topic of your essay will be: “How My Character Was Built Through Soccer.” Please note that this is your opportunity to share something about yourself that may give the committee more information than is apparent from the application and distinguish your application from other similar applications.