Long Island Junior Soccer League


Spring 2024
Modified Rules

The rules for InterLeague Play should be consistent from town to town. Please make sure your Club Referees and Coaches are familiar with them.

Town Coordinators will have final say on all game cancellations (not coaches).

  • No official scores or standings will be kept.
  • All players from all clubs should play at least half of the game.
  • No travel players are permitted to play in InterLeague games.
  • All scores should be managed and capped at a 5-goal differential. COACHES MUST COMPLY!
  • Coaches should work together to add/subtract players if needed to manage scores.
  • Substitutions on all stoppages of play upon referee approval.
  • No slide tackling.
  • All players should have jerseys with numbers, shin guards under socks and no jewelry of any kind.
  • Players needing corrective lenses, must have approved eyewear.
  • All teams are required to supply a linesman/flagman.
  • LIJSL Zero Tolerance is in effect. Abuse of officials is strictly prohibited by coaches, parents or players.
  • Unsporting behavior by coaches, parents or players may lead to suspensions.
  • Please report all coaching or referee issues to your coordinators.
  • Please notify your coordinator if your opponent does not “manage” scores and games become lopsided.
  • Home team must supply a qualified Referee. GOAL NETS MUST BE SECURED, NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • NO heading in U9/10 and U11/12. Restart is an Indirect Free Kick.
  • U9/10 Play – Buildout Line: Goalkeepers can not punt.
  • Follow U.S. Soccer Best Practices for Age Appropriate Rules & Field/Goal Specifications, along with LIJSL Rules.

2×30 = 60-minute game length
5-minute half time
Size 4 ball
U9/U10 Travel Field Size
Play 7 v 7 *
*Can play 6-8 if agreed to by coaches
2×30 = 60-minute game length
5-minute half time
Size 4 ball (U11/U12)
U11/U12 Travel Field Size
Play 9 v 9 *
*Can play 8-10 if agreed to by coaches
2×30 = 60-minute game length
5-minute half time
Size 5 ball (U13+)
U13+ Full-sided Travel Field Size
Play 11 v 11