Long Island Junior Soccer League

Second Fall 2021 Club Development Day Completed, Don’t Miss Out on the Finale

Our booming U7 (2015) and U8 (2014) festivals returned this past weekend at host locations Garden City and HBC on Sunday, October 17.

Club Development Days provide member clubs with an opportunity to introduce their younger players to teams from other local clubs. The great part, these events come at no-cost to member clubs.

“It was a good experience for our U7 and U8 boys. They were exposed to not only teams with similar skill levels, but also to other talented teams. The whole experience was beneficial for everyone,” Jerber Reyes, Central Islip SC coach.

Since the events were first introduced 4 years ago, they have continuously expanded to incorporate participation from new clubs and more teams. However, there are many clubs that have had consistent representation at Club Development Days. One of the veterans to the events, Smithtown, has found Club Development Days to be a great resource in developing their young players.

“The Club Development Days have really gotten kids excited to compete. The development and growth of our young players is a direct result of the extra time and touches they are getting on the ball,” Ryan Cavanagh, Smithtown SC Pre-Academy Director.

The low-pressure environment enables the young players to experience all of the benefits that soccer has to offer, teamwork, sportsmanship etc. Above all, these events place an emphasis on having fun.

“The whole feel of the day is great, it is fast paced and nobody is focusing on a score but rather player development. We at Smithtown are thrilled with the set up!” Cavanagh added.

Make sure you don’t miss out on the fall season finale of Club Development Day on Saturday, November 6th. Contact your club representative (Registrar, DoC, Intramural Director) to complete registration.

Photo gallery from Garden City

Photo gallery from HBC