Long Island Junior Soccer League

LIJSL Honored Scholarship Recipients On Sunday

The Long Island Junior Soccer League’s longstanding tradition of awarding scholarships to incredible young student-athletes continued on Sunday, August 2. It marked the 40th consecutive year that LIJSL has handed out scholarships, with 28 high-school seniors this year being honored.

In year’s past the scholarship recipients would receive their awards at a brunch at the Huntington Hilton, but this year came with several adjustments due to COVID-19. Recipients came to the LIJSL office where they were presented their awards and were able to speak with the donors of the scholarships, that while being socially distant, still provided the perfect recognition for the honorees and the memories for those that many of the scholarships are in memorial of.

“We thank the donors who have enabled this program to enjoy our 40th year,” Scholarship Program Chairperson Lynn Scarpatti said. “This has not been an easy year, but even in a pandemic, we have donors who continue to be generous and recipients that are worthy. We have all found something special in crisis and ways to face these challenges.”

“Congratulations to this year’s scholarship recipients,” LIJSL Managing Director Steve Padaetz said. “Each has demonstrated both an unparalleled excellence in the classroom as well as dedicated commitment to service in their respective communities. We wish you the best of luck as you proceed forward onto the next stage in your lives.”



The LIJSL congratulates all 28 scholarship recipients!

Luca Rienecker

Rory King

Nicole Jenal

Gregory Paul

Sarah Santacroce

Michael Leandrou

Makayla Reardon

Kaylee Hoffman

Daniel Conigliaro

Halle Trahey

Tyler McElwee

Conor Andrews

Ross Gossett

Michael Koutsouras

Declan Griffin

Gaetano Parisi

Megan McIntosh

Matthew Power

Danielle DiTomasso

Emily Rosa-Figueiredo

Scott Thorley

Olivia Vinson

Leyla Kalmaz

Abigail Landri

Matthew Jakubowsky

Timothy Cappitelli

Hannah Walz

Annalea Passeggiata