Long Island Junior Soccer League

Zero-Tolerance Policy Updated, State Association Responds to LIJSL Concerns

With concerns for increased issues of misconduct and tolerance towards referees from coaches, trainers, players, and spectators alike, LIJSL requested that ENYYSA convene a committee (task force) to address these concerns state-wide. These concerns were echoed unanimously by all of the State’s member leagues, regarding both in-match as well as post-match incidents.

“While we applaud all stakeholders throughout Eastern New York for their efforts in first getting, and then keeping our youth players back on the field this past year, we are deeply concerned with the increased evidence of these unfortunate situations”, stated Steve Padaetz, League’s Managing Director. “After speaking with other Leagues, we felt an inherent responsibility to our membership to bring this initiative forward. That is why we requested that the State (ENYYSA) convene a task force, which must be comprised of every member league to address these concerns”, he added.

ENYYSA began by initiating a review and update of the zero-tolerance policy following discussion during the State Association’s annual general meeting earlier this month. The updated policy is now in effect for all ENYYSA sanctioned competitions, which include all LIJSL League and League Cup matches as well as member club tournaments.