Long Island Junior Soccer League

USYS League Championship Comes To Long Island

The Long Island Junior Soccer League (LIJSL) will be the host of the 2022 edition of the US Youth Soccer League Championship this spring. The finals will be held on My 21-22.

“US Youth Soccer, along with the League Championships program, are excited that the Long Island Junior Soccer League will be our host for the upcoming playoff tournament weekend on May 21 and 22,” USYS League Championship Director Brad Roos said. “The Long Island Junior Soccer League, one of the original members of the League Championships pathway, brings prestige and experience in providing a top-level event for all of the players and families that will attend this May.”

The LIJSL is a founding member of the League Championship, along with Club Champions League (CCL), and National Capital Soccer League (NCSL). New England Club Soccer League (NECSL enters the competition this year. During the inaugural year of the competition, LIJSL had two teams win their respective League Championship Final in Virginia, which booked a place at the USYS Eastern Regionals.

“I think it’s fantastic that our teams and clubs get another opportunity to take part in USYS League Championship,” LIJSL Technical Director Ronan Wiseman said. “The competition I saw last year was at a very high level and it was exciting to see our teams competing on this stage. If you combine the high level of competition, which is a great opportunity for our teams to test themselves as well as a chance to reach the East Regionals, and that the event will be held locally on Long Island, it’s really a win-win situation for our membership.”

LIJSL teams interested in competing can fill out an application to be selected into the League Championship qualifying tournament on April 23-24 for boys and April 30-May 1 for girls.

“We are extremely excited for our league and membership to have been selected as the hosts of this USYS Regional event,” LIJSL Managing Director Steve Padaetz said. “What a fantastic opportunity for LIJSL teams to compete against top-flight competition from the East Region, right here in our own backyard.”