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TOPSoccer is a community-based program specially designed to enable children and young adults with physical and/or intellectual disabilities to enjoy the sport and reach their maximum capabilities.

The program was initiated to accommodate those players who are not able to participate in a regular or mainstream soccer activity. It provides an opportunity for that child who deviates in mental, physical or social characteristics to such an extent that he or she requires modified educational practices and services to develop to his or her maximum capacity. 

As such, any child with a severe auditory or visual impairment, orthopedic handicap, behavior deviations or mental retardation would benefit from a special sports program because he or she requires a special learning environment that is directed towards identifying and remediating their physical as well as cognitive deficits. This could include cerebral dysfunctions, impulse disorders, mental retardation, Down's syndrome, physical handicaps, learning disabilities, Epilepsy, etc.

We have a fall and spring schedule just like mainstream soccer programs. Each seasonal schedule is made up primarily of skills sessions which are run by the individual club. The premise of the skills sessions is to teach the children the game of soccer while at the same time providing them with an environment that is fun and pressure-free. 

A couple of tournaments are hosted by a few of the individual clubs during each season as well. The spring season usually ends with a barbeque in June. Since every TOPSoccer participant is a ‘winner’, every player receives an award at the tournaments, and any season-ending events. 

The program was given the name TOPSoccer (The Outreach Program for Soccer) due to its affiliation with the US Youth Soccer Association, and now 28 clubs are currently running a TOPSoccer program. What's even better is that the young boy who ran on the field over 30 years ago, is still participating in the TOPSoccer program!


In 1979, the Long Island Junior Soccer League became the first formal soccer league to establish a special children's soccer program. Thus, a whole new dimension was added to the youth soccer program on Long Island, and it was all thanks to the foresight of another volunteer. To that point, soccer, like most sports, focused their energies on able-bodied, athletic kids. Enter Mike Ludin, a member of the HBC Soccer Club, and the father of a son with Downs Syndrome.

One day, at one of his brother's games, that son, Craig, ran onto the field and wanted to play. Later that night, Mike spoke to his wife about allowing Craig to play soccer. They both thought, "Why not?" Mike went on to propose a special program that would allow his son and other children with physical limitations, motor dysfunctions, and learning disabilities to play. These children needed exercise and could benefit greatly from the team building activities that soccer could provide.

Ludin received the blessing of his club, and after outlining the program and establishing a plan, he secured the help of a volunteer group that included Judie Fein, Arlene Cirella, Larry Pagliaro, Joe Lombardo, and Charlie Muller. The program was put into place. Ludin then asked LIJSL President Peter Collins if he could address the club presidents at an upcoming meeting. The message was received, and shortly thereafter there were seven clubs with similar programs, serving over 250 children.

The fields at James Allen Learning Center in Dix Hills could no longer accommodate the program. But then a woman named Marge McGory, who worked for the Diocese of Rockville Centre, informed the group about a vacant CYO camp property on Ruland Road in Melville. She received the necessary permissions, and this plot known as Marydale became the new home of the Special Children's Program. Unfortunately, the diocese was later forced to sell off the land, forcing the program to find a new home.

Collins went to County Executive Tom Gulotta to ask for a piece of county property to house the special children's program. A section of land in Plainview on the old Nassau County Services property was provided, and that plot continues to serve as the home of the program today.

However, Ludin was not done. He approached the NYS Special Olympics Committee to gain recognition for the program. The committee agreed to include soccer as part of the state program, and Werner Roth, former NY Cosmos captain and past Chairman of the US Special Olympics program helped train many of the coaches. Today, staff coaches continue to be trained by Special Olympics guidelines, and several teams have taken part in the Empire State Special Olympics.

Ludin retired as chairperson in 1987, and the reins were handed to Ann Marie Toth, who continues to run the program along with her husband Kal.

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