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  • Saturday's Club Development Day/RBNY Youth Festival Canceled


Eastern New York Soccer Association US Youth Soccer

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Game Day Info

A concession stand is operated for the park.

We need your help in keeping spectators outside of the perimeter of the playing surfaces. Please observe the roped off areas and stay in designated spectator areas only.

Fields not in use are closed for repair. Please stay off these fields. They are not to be used for warm-up.

Please supervise young children at the fields. One of the things the youngest ones are inclined to do is throw the gravel from the walkways at or onto the playing fields please help us by reminding children not to throw the gravel stones at people or onto the fields.


It is unlikely that games will be cancelled due to weather conditions. If there are any doubts about cancellations, information will be posted on the home page as it becomes available. If you do not receive a call from your Supervisor/Coordinator that games are cancelled, you should assume they will be played. The Soccer Park's fields drain unusually well and it is likely that games will be played except in the most severe weather conditions.

Any questions related to the Park and its operations can be directed to Adult staff on-site on the day of your game.

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